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Welcome to Yogalife Switzerland !

Weekend dates for the 2023 course (24th March to 15th October 2023)

Weekend Plan

This is a 9-weekend-course (200hrs.), next TTC runs from 24th March to 15th October 2023

  • 1WE  24-26 March
  • 2WE  21-23 April
  • 3WE  05-07 May
  • 4WE  09-11 June
  • 5WE  23-25 June
  • 6WE  07-09 July
  • 7WE  25-27 August
  • 8WE  15-17 September
  • 9WE  13-15 October

Scheduled hours:

  • Friday 18h30 - 21h30
  • Saturday 7h30 - 17h30
  • Sunday 7h30 - 17h30

What to bring

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga belt and other props you use
  • Comfortable yoga clothing to change into
  • Warm shawl or blanket for meditation and lectures
  • APMB Book


Our curriculum covers:

The Fundamentals of Yoga

  • The meaning of yoga
  • Yoga types and styles
  • History of yoga with a focus on Patanjali
  • The methodology of yoga teaching
  • Theories of meditation, pranayama, asana practice and mantra

Yoga and the Physical Body

  • Hatha yoga
  • Shatkarma or cleansing rituals
  • The yogic body including chakras and the nadi system
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Asana clinics with in depth discussion

Philosophy and Core Principles

  • Prana Vayu and koshas
  • Philosophical principles

Creating your Class and Assessments

  • Developing your own sequence
  • Establishing your yoga teaching style
  • Personal evaluations, presentations and assessments
  • Teaching methodology revision
  • Graduation Ceremony

As well as the yoga curriculum above, you will be introduced to teachings about non-violent communication, learning behaviour patterns and your soul profile.

These, coupled with personal reflection sessions will guide and deepen your learning.

In total, the 200 hours will consist of:

  • 80 hours of yoga practice
  • 50 hours of teaching
  • 70 hours of lecture and assessments.

On successful completion of the TTC, graduates are eligible to become Registered Yoga Teachers with the Yoga Alliance.

Sanjeev Bhanot (+49) 175 652 24 10

Manoj Bhanot (+32) 49 381 1813


Yogalife Teachers Training
Rue des Pierres-du-Niton 6
1207 Genève, Switzerland