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Mironel is a kind, warm-hearted and deeply spiritual yoga teacher. With his soothing voice and natural gift with words, Mironel is both articulate and sensitive. He was inspired by the deep centering he experienced during his first ever yoga class, and says he knew in that moment that yoga would become a significant part of his life.

Mironel uses yoga to as a powerful tool to balance yin and yang energies, and to draw together traditional Eastern and Western wisdom. Having practised tantra yoga for the past 12 years, Mironel has been inspired to explore the connections between everything, including the mind and the body, the individual self and the universe. He believes nurturing these connections will help his students to find greater happiness, harmony and balance.

A nomadic soul, Mironel was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in Canada. He has lived an international lifestyle since his journey into yoga first began. He spent many months in Rishikesh, India by the Ganges river, studying yoga philosophy and deepening his yoga practice. In Thailand, he learned the skills and tradition of Thai Yoga Massage. In 2004, Mironel returned to Europe sharing his yoga expertise through workshops, classes and a documentary film about yoga

Through this he met YogaLife’s Sanjeev Bhanot, who became his mentor. Mironel then returned to India to do Sanjeev’s Yogalife Teacher Training Course which further developed his practical knowledge. Mironel is fully committed to sharing his love of yoga, and his expertise. When he is not travelling, he teaches at the YogaLife Teacher Training in Geneva.

Sanjeev Bhanot (+49) 175 652 24 10

Manoj Bhanot (+32) 49 381 1813


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