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A lovable and grounded yoga teacher, Manoj is charismatic, and effortlessly cool. The YogaLife team joke that Manoj doesn’t have students, he has fans. He has the natural ability to relate to others through his intuition, sensitivity and sense of humour.

Manoj is an expert in the yogic systems of prana, chakras and nadis. Born into a lineage of spiritual teachers, Manoj showed a natural inclination towards the yogic path from a young age. He grew up hearing stories from the Bhagavad Gita and he lived and breathed Hindu and yoga philosophy. His grounding in yoga has been enhanced by his academic education in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology. The depth of his knowledge, on spiritual and physical levels, is clear to all who experience his inspiring yoga classes.

Manoj was educated at a range of esteemed institutions, including the Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Vedanta Ashram and our very own YogaLife Foundation. Through his education, he was bestowed the titles of Yoga Shiroimani and Yoga Acharya.

Manoj is the founder of Yogalife Belgium, and he is currently based in Ghent. He pioneered the segmented TTC as opposed to our traditional residential programmes. He leads our Teacher Training Courses in Ghent and Brussels. He also founded the not-for-profit YogaLife Festival in Belgium. Manoj is a lead teacher of the Antastha Yatra Yoga Process and the Hatha Yoga Foundation Retreat, both 10 day retreats which take place in India, Goa.

Sanjeev Bhanot (+49) 175 652 24 10

Manoj Bhanot (+32) 49 381 1813


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