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Reinventing oneself and personal transformation stands out as one reviews Anita's timeline. From a carefree, outspoken and cheeky young girl, Anita found her life continuously and dramatically evolving as she followed the calls of her heart. After experiencing successful careers in IT, Interiors, Projects, Talent Development, Anita certified as Holistic Life Coach, soon followed by Yogalife 200hours Teachers Training and 100 hours Body course. Now Anita is bringing all her skills, experiences and passion together as a wellbeing lifestyle consultant to enable individuals to experience more fulfillment and wellbeing in different aspects of their lives.

She loves to spread the magic of yoga both on and off the mat and supports people’s journey of personal transformation. Her classes aim to live up to her motto of 'Calm Mind, Energized Body, Inspired Life'. She is appreciated for her personal and warm connection, spontaneity and sense of humour in addition to her knowledge of yoga. Anita specially loves to lead yoga classes for the older and wiser in her neighbourhood.

Anita enjoys bringing people together, creating unique experiences, learning new healing modalities, enjoying great conversations and laughs, cooking healthy vegetarian food, and is enjoying being a parent of two teenagers and a cute puppy. Quite a plateful and Yoga surely helps her in maintaining her balance.

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